Black England Rugby World Cup Jersey 2011 RWC England Away Strip

This is the new black England rugby world cup jersey 2011, England’s controversial change strip for RWC 2011 this summer in New Zealand. This black England rugby World Cup jersey will be worn by the nation’s players when they kick off their RWC 2011 campaign against Argentina. England’s new black change strip has been made by Nike.

This black England away strip for RWC 2011 was released under the tagline “New Blood, New Skin” by Nike on August 1st, 2011. Nike reportedly wanted to be 100% different from England’s home Rugby World Cup kit 2011.

The black England Rugby World Cup Jersey 2011 had caused great furore prior to its official release in England, with many people criticising Nike’s idea of creating a black England change strip that would be accused of imitating New Zealand’s All Blacks, who have long been associated with the colour.

England’s new black RWC jersey contains the IRB World Cup 2011 logo, Nike logo and the England rose emblem.

Interested fans can buy the black England away jersey online at reputed retailers Lovell Rugby.

England Black RWC Jersey

Black England Rugby World Cup Jersey

5 thoughts on “Black England Rugby World Cup Jersey 2011 RWC England Away Strip

  1. Sorry but can’t see why England would choose to wear the same colour strip knowing that this is New Zealands own colours !! and in their own back yard !!!! surely you could have come up with better options than this ?? there’s no way i would put on this colour shirt knowing it’s New Zealands colours, what were you thinking guys ????? stuart

  2. I hope the bright spark who thought of the Black strip to be worn in New Zealand gets the sack!
    How pathetic, disrespectful and embarrassing for the English team.
    Are England really that embarrassed to show thier true colours?

    Nike really do you have any originality at all? or do you think that by wearing Black, England will over night become the All Blacks?

    If you want to wear an All Black jersey people, buy the real one. The same one that has been worn by New Zealand since the very first game in 1884.

  3. England you bunch of clowns,why the black jersey?first disrespect the AB`s Haka then copy their jersey.what is next? Maori tattoos?

    Well lets put it at rest,you will never be the AB`S,so live with it and concentrate on the game…

  4. Next RWC focus on the game and don’t flatter NZ by wearing their colours. You will never catch Australia or South Africa doing this.

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