Upcoming Kit Release Dates

This is a small effort on our part to track rugby shirt release dates for the 2018/2019 season and beyond as they are announced. If you know a kit release date but do not spot it in here, please let us know via the comments section or by e-mail with a link ( local paper, club website or announcement on social media by club/club players), and we’ll put it up.

New Leeds Rhinos ISC away Kit 2019– December 1, 2018

Emirates Golden Lions Super Rugby Jersey 2019– December 5, 2018

New Blue Bulls Third Jersey 2019 (SuperHero Shirt)– January 2019

162 thoughts on “Upcoming Kit Release Dates

    • As you’d probably be aware, home kit’s staying the same.

      Away and Cup kits, according to a Saints tweet in mid July, were due to be released in the next couple of weeks. Should be seeing them any time now.


    • Re Northampton, see reply to Tom earlier.

      Re Wasps, yes there will be a new kit, but they didn’t get it ready in time for JP Morgan 7’s.


  1. I noticed Saracens new shirt is a tiny bit different in their new team photo as the black around the Allianz sponsor seems to have been trimmed giving the allusion of an extra red hoop below the sponsor. Minor I know but I thought you might appreciate the info.

  2. Are the WRU to have a new shirt in the near future? They have no shirts on sale online other than the 7s jersey. Also Home jerseys arent available anywhere else.

  3. New Wales kit is only for 2013/14 season. Wales are signed up to Under Armour until July 2017 and Admiral as shirt sponsor until July 2015.

  4. The 2014 New Zealand super rugby kits have just been brought out.


    • For the Republic, would possibly look towards the December-Jan months. Most of the teams had the same jersey in 2013, so should expect a change this year.

      Unfortunately, releases in the Republic aren’t as well publicised as, say, NZ’s.

  5. New Adidas French Rugby kit will be unveiled on 6th of November. seems to be dark blue as per said upper.


  6. When is the New Argentine Rugby Jersey 2013/14- Nike Los Puma Home Rugby Shirt being released for sale in the UK or Republic of Ireland?

    • Would be expecting an early January or a very late December release, given its first appearance will be at the 2014 USA Sevens with the Blitzbokke

  7. I can’t wait for The Sharks one ! But in November you guys said it would be released before Christmas. So you need to get your dates correct

  8. Sharks BLK jersey launching this friday (20 December 2013)

    Some teasers available here:

  9. New Springboks Asics Jersey to be releases 24 April, the red and gold kit released today was a fake April fools joke

  10. Saracens has reduced the price of all kits are there new Home and Away kits coming for the 14/15 Season ?

  11. Will nike still be the shirt sponsor for saracens for 2014/15 season if so when new jersey be released

    • Yes. New Nike home and away kits will be revealed in a City launch on 20 August. Sounds like the stripes from the home jersey have gone. No word yet on the away strip colour, though big hopes on it returning to a bold red one rather than ‘wolf grey’ and Allianz blue.

  12. Home kits are on sale at Saracens which leads me to believe that we may be in for a new home kit. Any light you are able to shed on this?

  13. New Tasman Makos jersey as seen in the weekends win against Hawkes Bay


  14. Could the new 2015/16 French rugby kit including shirt, shorts and socks be sold exclusively so I can ask my dad to buy it in a low price sometime around 2015?

  15. Has anyone else seen what the England u18s were wearing in some of their official snaps? Looks like a potential new Alternate Kit, any thoughts on this?

    • Josh, as I’ve mentioned before to a few others on this page, it SEEMS the NZ Super Rugby teams will not have new kits for the 2015 season; they’ll be the same as the 2014 ones.

      NZ teams are normally first off the blocks to release new kits. They’ve not done anything yet, and all signs seem to point to the fact that the jerseys will remain the same.

      • Thanks. Sorry I didn’t notice the earlier comment.

        It seems odd as most retailers have had them on clearance lately. I assumed that meant new designs.

        • That’s true, but I’ve spoken to a couple of major retailers and they all mentioned that the jerseys will not change. Maybe something minor in the form of a sponsor here or there, but the core design is expected to stay the same.

  16. I’d say there’s a good chance. Most rugby unions release a new kit about every two years, but they must have without sponsors for the World Cup. Usually that version has the World Cup logo on it as well.

    I know the England supporters are a bit miffed because the RFU is putting out six kits in two years, and two of those kits are unsponsored versions for the World Cup.


    My guess is the US kit will be the same template but without the Fly Emirates sponsor logo.

    • Most likely, Scotland have a rough 2 year period for home kits, and change alternate kits every year. Plus RBS is no longer the sponsor and BT/ BT Sport will be instead so expect the 2 RWC kits to be the sponsorless versions of these. ETA: Im guessing July.

    • I agree I loved the black shorts and I’ve been wanting them back for years, I would love to see either black shorts or white with green socks, even the white shorts and socks looked great just praying to god they get rid of the red shorts

    • Yeah they’re changing to kooga for the 15/16 season. The new kit will be released on the 20th July and available in the store on the 1st august

  17. New Ireland RWC kit released on 14th July 2015 with first orders delivered 20th July 2015. Expecting same template to England kits as training kits are very similar.

  18. When are the under armour kits going to be released for the world cup, BLK and Asics have released theirs no I’m waiting for the UA kits, hopefully they fix the shorts disaster with our (Wales) we’ve been playing in for the past two years, I’m hoping for black shorts, love the black shorts, please Under Armour bring back the black shorts

  19. Can anyone tell me, is the kooga that making the Leicester jersey the same as the kooga that made jerseys for the RWC 2011, kooga is written in a different font in these jerseys, the kooga for RWC2011 i thought were the nicest RUGBY jerseys ever eg. Samoan 2011 but the kooga nowthat made last years gGloucester and this year’s Leicester seems very unprofessional

  20. Any news on the new Wales kit yet, it’s starting ri bug me now checking everyday, we have a game in two weeks and we’re meant to be wearing it, people need time to order it for the game

  21. New clermont kit please put this and my Toulon on, or else I won’t find any morehttp://www.asm-boutique.com/achat/index.php?catid=104

  22. Please pardon my ignorance if it has been mentioned elsewhere, but will France be getting a new design for the World Cup, or simply a badge put on the current kit?

  23. when art the Saints european and away kits being released?
    and according to sources we will be sponsered by Macron next season after the burrda contract expires

  24. France should issue a new main/home jersey for the Argentinian Tour in June + change the federation badge in August.

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