New Zealand Hoodie Rugby World Cup 2011

This is the New Zealand Hoodie ( Hooded Sweatshirt) designed specifically for fans of the all Blacks wanting to support their team at the 2011 World Cup. This New Zealand Hoodie 2011 has been made by KooGa. This is an independent piece of merchandise from the KooGa stable for New Zealand fans- the regular All Blacks kits are manufactured by Adidas.

This New Zealand hooded sweatshirt is black in colour, and has New Zealand Rugby written on one side and NZ 2011 on the other side. The hoodie also has an embroidered fern.

Buy this Kooga made NZ rugby hoodie at reputed merchants Lovell Rugby.

New Zealand Hoodie 2011

New Zealand Hooded Sweatshirt World Cup 2011

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