Vodacom Bulls Pink Away Jersey 2012- Blue Bulls Away Shirt 2012 Puma

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We saw the release of the new Vodacom Blue Bulls home jersey for the 2012 Super Rugby season in December 2011. Puma, the manufacturer for the Bulls this season ( replacing Gilbert), has come up with a pink creation for the Bulls’ new away 2012 jersey.

The new Blue Bulls away 2012 jersey is pink in colour with purple and blue lightning flashes across the shirt. In the words of one tweeter, the new Bulls pink jersey looks like “Stade Francais’ jersey, but with horns” A fairly apt description of the pink shirt!

The Bulls away jersey was released on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2012. Here is a picture of the Bulls pink top for the 2012 season.

This pink Bulls Super rugby kit has Samsung and Vodacom as its principal sponsors, with the Super Rugby logo on the side. Puma has used the same “Bull in a china shop” theme for this kit too, which is inspired by the purple Jacaranda trees in Pretoria.

Fans wishing to buy the new Bulls away strip can do so for R599 in South Africa.

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Pink Blue Bulls Jersey 2012

Blue Bulls Away Kit 2012 Pink Super Rugby

Vodacom Blue Bulls 2012

129 thoughts on “Vodacom Bulls Pink Away Jersey 2012- Blue Bulls Away Shirt 2012 Puma

    • I have never liked the bulls but must say that this is very, very clever. It also takes strength and courage for a man to wear Pink in bulls territory. It’s connection with the Jacaranda trees makes it more authentic and more representative of Pretoria. Hats off to the thinking designers. And to bull supporters, I would feel pride seeing the Pink run onto the field as it is the colour that people associate with your trees and your city and there is nothing moffie about a tree.

      • I am convinced you work for Puma. There might be nothing “moffie” about wearing pink in Pretoria, but sadly this is the away jersey so they won’t be wearing it there. It is another sad example of Rugby putting money before the game, and sadly for the Bulls and supporters this now means they will have to face the jokes.

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  2. Ek het so ‘n bietjie snaaks gekyk maar nou dat ek die agtergrond gehoor het dink ek dit lyk great. Thanks Puma ek weet my Bulle sal julle nie teleurstel nie. Sterkte Pierre vir die seisoen.Ek weet ons gaan die land se mense weer laat regop sit. GO BULLS !!!

  3. I guess that whats inside is all that matters and inside this Jersey we have one of the greatest teams in super rugby… Just imagine that salt in the injuries of all those other teams when beaten @ they home ground by the men in pink. but i still wouldnt buy 1 for myself πŸ™‚

  4. Hahahaha. Do each Bulls player get training bra’s to go with that? Oh sorry they all have them already! πŸ™‚ Nancy color for nancy boys!

  5. Imagine Vic, Bakkies or FdP wearing this pink monstrosity !

    I think they’re privately happy that they won’t have to wear this at the Moftus anymore.

  6. I’ve always supported the Bulls & they’re a great team, no doubt about that. Pity they now have to wear panzy pink jerseys. Next thing you know, they’ll be wearing skirts too.

    PS. Comments such as “Looks like you have a problem with bra’s or boobs…” & similar comments made here is the reason why most Bulls fans are generally associated with low IQ’s.


      • Hey Anton, did you know that Loftus is known as the biggest engine in the world. Every time the Bulls score, ten thousand tappets jump. πŸ™‚

      • Eish, Anton. Check your spelling and grammar bro. I don’t think you are in a position to comment on people’s IQ with your spelling mistakes buddy. I hate to admit it, but Bulls are a great side, but most of their fans are bandwagon supporters who will abandon them as soon as the shit hits the fan. I’m looking forward in seeing all the pink jokes associated with the jersey πŸ™‚

        • Hey JP, for a grammar nazi it must be pretty embarrassing to post about grammar and spelling and then make you’re own mistake.
          You need a definite article, like “the”, before that noun “Bulls”.

      • Ek kan nie ‘n woord van jou Engels uitmaak nie. Praat liewers Afrikaans en begin deur die bliksemse CAPS LOCK knoppie nog ‘n slag te druk…

      • hey , I am a ballet dancer , and frankly its much harder work…hahahahahaha, specially in PINK jerseys…hahahahahahah….next thing we would like to see is little bobby socks and stilettos…hahahahahah

  7. wat het die mense gedink toe hulle jierdie joke beplan het. “pink” dis om van siek te word. soos die regering weet hulle voorwaar nie hoe om hardvediende geld, wat ondersteuners inbring, te spandeer nie en gee dit uit op gemors en gemors is wat hierdie pienk trui is. ek hoop hulle verloor ruimskoots elke keer as hulle hierin speel, en ek is ‘n Bulls ondersteuner. n Bulle span in pienk ? dit is rugby nie n Knysna perade nie.

    • Nou ja moet dani di kleur kritieseer ni lol die lions speel seke di jaar weer in 2009 se trye ons gan darm voorentoe wat mak di kleur saak dis di sponsers wat saak maak

  8. Mense …. die moeilikheid kom al ‘n paar jaar saam … Dis vandat die Bulle “Liefling” vir mekaar begin sing het!!! Dit sluit die ondersteuners is!!! πŸ˜€

  9. Looks like the Gays are getting revenge after all….hahahahahah…Enjoy the pink jerseys guys…will buy tickets just to come see all the uncomfortable faces at loftus…hahahahahhahahahaha…

      • Lol vetel hom johann en frikkie as j nog ve di gays wil gan kyk meen dit seke dat j gay is ma ja goeie raad di regte gays speel in swart trye so gan kyk ma ve di sharks hu hulle speel glo ni hulle gan j toelaat op loftus ni

  10. I believe it says more about SOUTH AFRICA than RUGBY. As a country we are progessing and it might be that a few traditionalists are finding it difficult to accept change,as I am one but when we accept new thoughts and visions, new names and jerseys we not only accept it but we grow as human being in this never ending universe of change.

  11. When sports illustrated do it’s next segment on the dogiest sports kit this wil come first , second and third.
    I urge all Bulls fan’s to boycott puma until they see sense, and shame on you Barend van Graan for alowing this abomination.

  12. We love the Bulls but this is ridiculous. They are the BLUE BULLS not the PINK COWS. We would like to hear what the team think about men wearing pink for rugby.

  13. AAAI, wat gaan die ander suporters nou van ons se, “hier kom die pienk koeitjies” nee man! as PUMA skrik moet hulle net wakker skrik!

  14. How strange. When other teams have pink on their gear, nobody notices it. When the Bulls do it, everyone raves……….perhaps ONLY the Bulls are worth being worried about and therefore the only team worth trying to break down. Jealousy? It takes real men to stand behind women and breast cancer. Imagine everyone gets beaten by a bunch of guys in pink shirts……….go BULLS, lets make them cry…….sort the real men from the boys!!

      • I’m sure the players all stand behind women & support the fight against breast cancer, as do I BUT this is NOT about the players, the team, the supporters OR about breast cancer. This is about the sponsors who, let’s face it, are only interested in making money! There are plenty of other ways to support women and the fight against ALL types of cancer. A pink ribbon printed on the sleeve would more than have sufficed and would have been something the players could truly be proud of. Dressing up South Africa’s top rugby side as Barbie dolls however not only makes a mockery of the team but also the very worthy cause of breast cancer itself!

        • I feel as strongly about this issue as you do!! It is amazing that the “proud” Blue Bull Union, of 75 years plus, felt strongly enough to take the Pretoria Muncipality to court to keep their Blue jersey and won but let themselves be sold down the rivier just so that the new sponsors “Puma’ COULD MAKE MONEY. Why make of boys that we are so proud of the butt of cruel jokes! I am sure Bakkies is glad he is overseas, he would have spent all his time in the Sin Bin!

      • Hey Ajay
        i think you are the numnut…blue bulls are the freaken currie cup team idiot, super rugby never had a team named the blue bulls, it used to be the northern bulls and then it changed to the bulls………wonder what type of supporter you really are?????

  15. I really looked forward to go and watch the Bulls play the Waratahs in Sydney, I would be too embraced to support them wearing pink…… This really looks crap and at first I did not believe my wife when she told me about the jersey.

  16. What is this nonsense of MY BLOED IS BLOU???? WTF? If your blood is blue then there is something wrong with you. Last time I’ve checked all humans’ blood is red. So assholes, go see a doctor if your blood is blue! Or drink a Red Bull, that’ll fix it!!!

  17. Think Pink, Gr8 stuff PUMA, beste idee ooit! Die wereld se oe is op die BULLE, sal sien hoe sleg ons pienk hempies is sodra ons daardie wen 3 gedruk het !! πŸ™‚

  18. En daar breek Pierre Spies en sy pienk buddies toe finaal uit die kas met hulle pienk bloesies! Wynand se highlights sal die enigste ( peroxide- ) hoogtepunt in hierdie rugby”trui” wees! Wat ‘n eishlike verleentheid…

  19. Ja nee het al die jare gedink daar skuil iets onder daai groot spiere in blou en soos een van die Piek koei ondersteuners gesse het dis speire nie “boobs” nie wonder ek of hulle die spiere moet op hou met n bra seker verkieslik ook n pienk een sodat mens dit nie maklik kan sien nie.
    Haha πŸ™‚

  20. Ek wou dit nie glo nie. Ek was geskok toe ek sien dis nie ‘n grappie nie. Ek hoop die pienk truie is die moeite werd en trek die ander span se aandag so af dat die bulle hulle behoorlik ‘n pakslae gee!!!

  21. Miskien as die “ander” manne hier minder tyd spandeer om ons kak te byt en meer tyd om hulle spanne te support dan sal hulle ook dalk ‘n kans staan om te wen…… Well done aan die lions wat die curry beker gevat het wys net wat kan gebeur as almal jou die underdog uitmaak….. Go Bulls! Skop gat!

  22. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah die SHARKbly die beste nie sissys soos die bulls nie SHARKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$

  23. Tipiese SA rugby ondersteuners. Hannes ek verwys na jou. As jy so gepla is oor wat in die kas is, moet ky dalk self dink om uit te klim. Los die Bulle en besef eerder waar hulle ondesteuning is. Om kanker te onderseun wys hulle guts en savvy. Het enige ander unie dit probeer? Go Bulle


  25. ek is n groot bull ondersteuner hulle kan maar enige iets dra hulle bly tops julle kan maar se ons is sissies maar op die veld is julle skyt bang vir ons

  26. Moet se die blou truie lyk GREAT!!!!Maar die pienk,wtf!!!! N’puma is nie pienk nie hy is swart! Enige ander kleur sou beuter gelyk het groen en swart,blou en swart met wit lightning streupe,enige iets ma pienk en pers!Sou dit uit gebring het net vir die vroue ondersteuner!Vind bietjie uit wat op email en facebook rond gaan.

  27. WTF is wrong with everyone saying we must support our team. Naturally I am still a bulls supporter, only I am now gonna be embarresed when they play away! A friend of mine a couple years ago who is gay also agrees, men dont wear pink! Puma needs to change this, and fast, or we will never hear the end of this from ALL other teams.

  28. Ek kan nie glo die nuwe truie is pienk nie dit pas glad nie by ons nie ek sal altyd n blou bul ondersteuner wees maar ek is baie teleurgesteld dat die kleure van ons span nou pienk moet wees wat van al die geld wat ondersteuners uit gegee het aan die blou truie en die vlae en die geskiedenis en trots wat so ver terug gaan as wat ek op n ouderdom van 30 kan onthou dit is dan tog wat ons bulle maak blou truie en geharde ondersteuners wen of verloor. Pienk ek kan dit nie verstaan nie hoekom?

  29. Bulls will win all their matches. the opposition will be too scared to ben in the scrums… crough, touch (OMG) pause, engage with a pink jersey leaves me with shivers down my spine. Cmon PUMA where is the humanity !! WTF were u thinking

  30. I’m not a Bulls supporter, but if I was I would not be carrying on about the colour of their Jerseys…. Come on people, all you are doing is giving the other team supporters ammunition to have a go at you! It’s just a colour and it’s for a good cause. Do you think the team doesn’t know what they are gonna face at their away games, but they also know that a colour doesn’t make the team, and in my opinion, it takes a man manly enough to do this, especially when they read all about how ’embarrassed their own ‘supporters’ are. I’m a Lions supporter and proud of it, and this year my 2nd team is going to be the Bulls, just because of their jersey!!!!!! Go Lions, Go Bulls!!!!

  31. HA HA HA, blue bulls, they suck, now they need to find another way to grab attention. Oh by the way, why are blue bulls supporters so narrow minded and stupid! ah kan like to do it like that….mentality!

  32. Go Bulle, Go Bulle, you are the real thing, keep winning men. Your supporters are proud of you and we dont have to become bitter and insulting because we always win. You can play in baby blue, pink or even naked. Colour doesnt make the man. There is only two manly teams BULLS AND LIONS.

  33. I love this idea! I think its so manly! How brave and daring are they!! what a statement.. And different.. Agh nee wat hulle het my aandag gekry! Love dit!!

  34. As die bulls by hulle motief gebly het nl. om die kleur van die Jakaranda te vertoon sou dit nog gewerk – maar om dit pienk te maak. dit het nie gewerk nie. Ek het nog nooit i my 60 jaar so’n klomp bespotlike spelers op een veld bymekaar gesien nie. Dit maak nie saak wat die verskoning of wat die Bulls hiermee probeer bereik – dit het nie gewerk nie. Ek was saam met ons ge-eerde spanbestuurder in dieselfde skool – nog altyd die grootste respek vir hulle doen en late gehad maar dit is absoluut verregaande. Ek gee nie om of enige persoon weet wie ek is nie, maar as ek enigsins enige se sou gehad het sou ek beslis verder gedink het. Die oud spelers van hierdie trotse unie sal heelwaarskynlik met my saamstem. Die kleur skema wat gekies is, is om van naar te word. Wees asseblief so gaaf en publisser my kommetaar en sien wat die reaksie is by die getroue Bulls ondersteuner. Ons het nog nooit te velde getrek as die kaartjies so duur word dat jy nie meer kan gaan rugby kyk nie, maar om die trots van 60% van Suid Afrikaanse rugby publiek so te minag is nie aanvaarbaar nie. Ek sal dit op prys stel as my Mail aan die bestuur by Blou Bul rugby gegee word. Ek voel so sterk oor die saak dat ek ‘n protes aksie op die been sal bring. Gelukkig is my pa so 20 jaar gelede oorlede, ek dink hy sou wragtig weer iets oorgekom het. Hierdie uitrusting pas nie by ons nie

    Met groot dank.
    Wag op ‘n antwoord van Blou bul rugby.

    Flip Venter

  35. Aanvanklik was ek geskok toe ek hoor die Bulle gaan in pienk en pers truie speel. Nou dink ek hulle lyk “super-cool” en dit vat ‘n MAN om in ‘n pienk/pers rugbytrui op ‘n veld uit te draf waar daar ‘n skare teenstanders sit. My BULLE was nog altyd HEROES en hulle het GUTS want nie een ander span het die DURF om in pienk truie te speel nie. Hoera vir die Bulle!! Mense kan maar spot en siek grappe maak maar die BULLE BLY BOBAAS!!! Ons is immers aan die bo-punt van die leer!!



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