New Jaguares Rugby Jersey 2016- Nike Los Jaguares Super Rugby Shirt 2016 Home Away

These are the new Jaguares rugby kits 2016, the uniforms that Argentina’s new Super Rugby outfit Los Jaguares’ will wear in their inaugural S18 season. Made by Nike, the new Los Jaguares shirts were officially unveiled on 5 February, 2016.

The new Jaguares SR home kit is predominantly black with orange trim, not too dissimilar to the one Argentina’s sevens team wear in the ongoing HSBC series.

The alternate strip will be orange with black trim, as can be seen in the pics below.

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Los Jaguares Rugby Shirt 2016

New Jaguares Rugby Jersey 2016

Jaguares Super Rugby Kit 2016

16 thoughts on “New Jaguares Rugby Jersey 2016- Nike Los Jaguares Super Rugby Shirt 2016 Home Away

    • At first I was a bit meh…. too dull… on these jerseys but after seeing the close-ups I really grew to like them and I actually like this black version over the 7s one if I’m being honest.

      Still some great jerseys though its nice they didn’t go OTT with the Puma/Cougar print either. Could’ve easily ruined the jersey had it gone into the wrong mitts. Solid job from the jersey designers over at Nike I think.

  1. Robert I would dout you will beable to get Jaguares Jerseys in the U.K as I know how hard it has been to get an Argentina Jersey since they moved from adidas to Nike in the U.K also I dont think you will beable to get any Sunwolfs Jerseys either I would not hold my breath on this matter as your chances are likely to be nonexistent in the U.K Robert.

    • Surely some rugby dedicated stores would stock them as the season closes-in?
      For example Lovell Rugby is an online store which is fairly up to date coming from the UK. They have most of the 2016 Super Ruby gear so far.
      Still no Sunwolves or Jaguares gear though D;

      • You would think so but I have asked people in the know about this subject in the past & been told that there are no plans to sale Jaguars or Suwolfs Jerseys anyware in the U.K not on Lovell or Rugby Store U.K.,I think the chain of thought in the U.K as far as some Rugby teams go as in Jaguars,Sunwolfs,Argentina. & USA Rugby Jerseys go that the demand to buy them in any quantity is not there so they will not take the change in terms of importing these jerseys in to the U.K.

        For me this is wrong but from a business point of view I can see why Rugby Stores in the U.K would see this as to high a risk.

  2. Why? Free State Cheetahs….another big cat, another orange jersey and also….Argentina A are supposed to be the Jaguares.

    I’m from Argentina and I’m not happy with either the colours and the name

    • What name would you pick? And what jersey? I think they are following a line of production, its similar to the sevens one, and has the nike characteristics… Yo también soy argentino, y el nombre no me disgusta, representa a los pumas sin ser “los pumas” debido a que supuestamente es a nivel club, es verdad que Argentina A son los jaguares pero ahora los cambiaron a Argentina XV

  3. I would have could the Argentinean team Soles de Mayo Suns of May in English I believe I have tried my best with English in to Spanish as the Sun of May is in the center of the Argentinean flag & the kit would be simler to Argentinas kit with some kind of modern Sun of May as the team logo so all of Argentina can feel a connection to the team. I dont know what people feel about this idea as regards the suggestion for the name &,the kit.

    • It has to be a marketing name, probably argentinean people would feel patriotic about suns of may (It is a really good name by the way) but it feels too soft, it doesnt have the power and agressiveness that the jaguares name has. Lets see how it works this year. Someone going to see jaguares – chiefs on Vélez?

  4. A Jaguars fan if you think of the heat of the sun & how it can burn you then I think with a proper advertising campaign in the Argentinean media T.V new papers then the Sons of May could have worked well but we will never know I dont think as at the end of the day it’s all academic now as Los Jaguars is the teams name now.

    But thanks for the the remark about the idea for the teams name I put a fair bit of thought in to comeing up with a name thought to my self when I first seen the team name was Los Jaguars that it was to simler to the Argentine national rugby Union team it just is not a name that stands out from the rest to many Cat names in Super Rugby the powers that be need to look at that in the future.but lets not get all N.F.L with the names ether after all it’s Rugby Union not American Football.

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