New Canada Rugby Shirt 2015- Under Armour Canada RWC Jersey 2015 Home Away

These are the new Canada rugby kits 2015, the Canadian national rugby union team’s new jerseys for RWC 2015. The new Canada RWC 2015 shirts have been made by Under Armour, who also manufacture kits for the Welsh national team and Top 14 outfit Clermont

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Canada RWC Jersey 2015

Canada Rugby World Cup Shirt 2015

8 thoughts on “New Canada Rugby Shirt 2015- Under Armour Canada RWC Jersey 2015 Home Away

  1. They look more like Football kits than
    Rugby Union kits not a good look in a Rugby World Cup year especially just hope Under Armour do a mutch beter job on the n ew Wales kits though I cant see that being the case now Canada & Wales should have went with Macron.or BLK at lest would get something creative not dull as ditch water like this rubbish.

      • A year ago i would have agreed that Macron kits aren’t as nice, but the Scotland RWC jersey is one of the best at the moment, along with Argentinas.

        I do really REALLY hope that the welsh jersey is literally nothing like the Canadian one.

        It will be revealed this Saturday (8 AUG) against Ireland.

  2. Under armour always go with set templates, no creativity, although they usually nice and the best fitting jerseys I must agree this here is very poor

  3. I like it, it’s simple, not the most creative of jerseys but it’s nice every now and then to have a nice simple jersey, I hope our (Wales) kit is similar to this but obviously with black shorts

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