New Springbok RWC 2015 Jersey- Asics South Africa Rugby World Cup Kit 2015

This is the new South Africa RWC shirt 2015, the Springboks’ new uniform for the upcoming Rugby World Cup in England. The new Boks RWC jersey has been made by ASICS and was officially unveiled on 4 June, 2015 in Cape Town.

The Boks are two time RWC champions, winning the tournament in 1995 and 2007, and lost in the quarterfinals of the last edition to Australia.

The new South Africa RWC 2015 top is predominantly green, with gold trim. It is paired with white shorts and green socks. The likes of Jean de Villiers, Bismarck du Plessis and co. are here seen modelling the new Bok jersey.

The Springbok logo is on the sleeve of the jersey.

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Springbok RWC Jersey 2015

South Africa Rugby World Cup Shirt 2015

New Bok Jersey World Cup 2015

19 thoughts on “New Springbok RWC 2015 Jersey- Asics South Africa Rugby World Cup Kit 2015

  1. Juan de Jongh in the pics? I’d be very surprised if he goes to the World Cup. Heyneke has shown no signs of liking him in the last four years.

  2. It’s a disgrace and then you call it a Springbok jersey. How can this ever be a Springbok jersey without the Springbok. Hope the “proteas” don’t make the first round in RWC 2015. Another monument gone!!

    • It was the same in 2011 if I remember right.

      That being said, they are the Springboks, not the Proteas, so it is logical that the Bok should get a more prominent place rather than being hidden on the sleeve.

  3. Can anybody tell me whether these jerseys will be switching to the new “World Rugby” logos or will it be IRB on the tournament logo?

      • Cheers, thanks for the info.

        Beats me why they changed the logo if they didn’t want it for RWC 2015. Might as well have done it after the Cup.

  4. I haven’t seen a good kit produced by Asics yet. Their on-field jersey cut always seems loose from the sternum, down. I understand for fowards due to binding, but for backs?

  5. I like the overall design of the kit just dont like the fact the Springbok in on the sleve and not on the front it should be whare the Protea is and the Protea should be whare the Springbok is
    on the sleve for me this is the first rule of any Springbok kit. I think this kit will stay in the memory of pepole for a long time as I feel the Springboks have a great chance of wining the R.W.C 2015.

  6. Ill be with the boks ALL the way to the final. BUT to still see the springbok emblem on the sleeve, is an insult to the proud history of the sport and simply what the government wants, regardless of the fans wishes; the ones who actually bring in the cash.

    Government keeps saying (SARU has no choice to say as well), that its only temporary for the competition. But THAT is when we really want to show our famous emblem to the world, not stuck on the side somewhere.

    Government says that they want a emblem for all SA senior sports and that other teams also have their emblem on the sleeve during the RWC. True, England, new Zealand and Australia have always had their emblem for all sports but SA was different but they cant just throw away the bok like that, after 100 years. And show me any RWC jersey from the mentioned countries where their emblem is on the sleeve.

  7. I understand why the springbok has to be on the sleeve due to the IRB rules for world cup jerseys but why not put both together like 2007?
    I just feel it’s too much like a “t-shirt” rather than a rugby jersey and the gold seems to becoming more yellow.

  8. I cannot belief it……what is a springbok jersey with out the springbok. No springbok no WORLD CUP just like our under 20 team.

    • Asics you do not have a clue , what a shyte looking jersey , no respect and no idea what the Springbok emblem means to SA rugby , you bunch of tools

  9. Watching the SA v Japan game on TV now. Wondering about the numbers on the SA jerseys. What is the pattern? Is it people? Is there a significance to them? Thanks

    • Hi Barbara,

      Selfies of South African fans have been used to make the numbers on the back of the jersey. Part of their home ground advantage campaign.

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