New Racing Rugby Shirt 2016-17 | Le Coq Sportif Racing 92 Home Jersey 2016-2017

Here is the new Racing 92 home shirt 16/17, Top 14 champions Racing’s new principal jersey for the upcoming season. Racing claimed their first Top 14 title in over two decades thanks to a masterclass from Dan Carter in front of a 99,000+ crowd at the Nou Camp a few days ago. They also reached the finals of the European Cup, where Carter limped off injured early in the loss to Saracens.

Racing have a new kit partner in Le Coq Sportif, who take over from Kappa. The French giants have retained their traditional sky blue and white colours, with Le Coq Sportif also incorporating the colours of the French flag into the collar

New Racing Rugby Shirt 2016 17

Racing Metro Shirt 2016 Le Coq Sportif

6 thoughts on “New Racing Rugby Shirt 2016-17 | Le Coq Sportif Racing 92 Home Jersey 2016-2017

  1. It is very sad Racing 92 have to have so many sponsors all over there kits if it was not for the amount of sponsors on there kits Racing 92 would have the best Rugby Union kits anyware in the world season after season excludeding
    the All Blacks kits that is.

    This is just my view.

    I know Sponsors are just part & parcel of sports & have been for a long time but there is sutch a thing as over kill when it comes to the amount of sponsors on one kit.

    Clubs/districts/provinces many sale more Jerseys if they did not go in to over kill with sponsor ship how wants to walk about like a billboard I understand there has to be a balance but this is not it.

    6 out of 10 from me on this one.

    • If their fan base bought one jersey a year every year, then the club wouldn’t need sponsorship on their kit. The fact is fans historically haven’t bought kit with less adverts… but they buy kits of the winners!! As evidenced you need deep pockets to win as depth of talent is a massive expense. So if you are a Racing fan– you’d understand. As for the All Blacks- Adidas and AIG pay MILLIONS into the program to hold the jersey as their own.

      • I did not say I was a Racing 92 fan at any point only there kits would look better if they did not have so many sponsors that was the point you seam to have over looked my point.

        Racing 92 may find more fans if they did not have kits that look like billboards that is what my point is back to you John you see it one way I see it differently and of story John.

        • You’ve got to pay for Dan Carter somehow. But I totally agree, ever noticed American sports teams rarely have sponsors on their jerseys. It can be done, I bought a racing 92 shirt when they were sponsored by Nike and it’s beautiful. I agree if you take off their sponsors they have the nicest Jersey in Rugby!

  2. Strangely, i for one prefer sponsors. The more the merrier provided its tasteful (ala Racing). Sadly, the actual replicas wont come with sponsors which is one of the reasons i’ve been avoiding Top 14 (except Toulon and Toulouse) ..have you guys seen the latest UA Clermont jersey? i thought it was another UA plain base layer T.

    Without sponsors, the jersey will just look like any cheap T-shirt…most importantly, replicas without sponsors is just not what the players really wear on-field.

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